Zamp Solar 60-Amp 5-Stage PWM Charge Controller
Item No. 123178

Zamp Solar 60-Amp 5-Stage PWM Charge Controller

Item No. 123178
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Additional Information
The Zamp Solar 60-Amp Charge Controller can regulate up to 1,020 watts and is compatible with lithium, gel, AGM, conventional lead-acid (wet), and calcium 12-volt batteries.

Protects and Regulates
Uses pulse width modulation (PWM) and five stages of charging to regulate the flow of electricity to your battery. This protects your battery from overcharging, expands your battery's lifespan, and keeps your panel safe from backflow electrical currents, among many other protections and benefits.

Monitors and Indicates
Its large digital display lets you monitor battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity (amps per hour), battery types, full charge, and system faults. Colored LEDs indicate operational status and battery conditions.

Remote Digital Display Included
Keep an eye on your batteries and power levels wherever it's most convenient for you with the remote digital display. The remote display gives you all the same information as the charge controller and can be mounted anywhere inside your RV, boat, or cabin.

Flexible and Customizable
This 60-amp charge controller can be surface-mounted on your wall and is also compatible with the Zamp Battery Temperature Cable.

60-Amp Charge Controller Specs
Watts: 1,020
Amps: 60
Lithium Compatibility: Yes
Remote Display Included
Battery Temp Sensor Compatible: Yes
Mounting Options: Surface Mount Only
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  • Regulates up to 1,020 watts
  • Compatible with lithium, gel, AGM, lead-acid (wet), and calcium 12-volt batteries
  • Protects battery from overcharging and expands battery lifespan
  • Large digital display monitors voltage, charging current, capacity, and more
  • Also includes a remote digital display for mounting anywhere it's convenient
Unit Weight 2.15 lb
Brand Zamp
MFG Part No. ZS-60A